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What are the Database Services Offered by IRA Softwares?

With multiple vendors offering their own spin, it becomes difficult to choose the right solution for your business. The typical concerns of businesses are evolving complexity, scalability needs, surging data volume, decentralized data management, and the security. If you feel distressed about these concerns your best bet is to partner with a database services provider like IRA Softwares.

We can help you get started by establishing decision criteria, matching the solution to your business challenges, checking compatibility with your existing technology resources, evaluating workload performance on the hardware at your end. We bring to table powerful strategies and database engine performance solutions that can reshape your business dynamics in real-time conditions, so your knowledge workers can concentrate on other critical functions.

If your existing database management strategy is weakening your competitive position and rapidly shrinking your budget, then you will need expert problem solvers to systematically tackle every obstacle with carefully engineered database solutions. We begin by asking the most important question – what is a database service that is considered ideal for your business? By finding an appropriate answer we will eliminate any risk involved in harnessing data for your business. The solutions we offer as part of database services are as follows -

GraphDB Managed Services

Our team at IRA Software has the required skills and expertise to handle all your GraphDB managed service requirements. We make use of the latest GraphDB tools and technologies while delivering the best quality services to clients.

Neo4J Managed Services

We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with the best quality Neo4J managed services. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services within a quick turnaround time.

PostgreSQL Database Services

We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with the best quality PostgreSQL database services. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

CouchDB Managed Services

We have the required resources and expertise to provide clients with the best quality CouchDB managed services. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering the best quality services within quick turnaround time.

Database Design Services

We can help you determine the best fit database model for your business through expert and scientific evaluation because we understand that a good database design is the key to make your business scalable and stable. We also provide definition to the objective, collect and segment data before normalization. The relationship between data is explicitly defined by configuring tables and normalization rules are applied to improve accuracy. Our secure way of designing database models will streamline the storage and retrieval of data. Our database design will also facilitate integration with numerous RDBMS such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, etc.

Data Warehouse Services

If you have contemplated incorporation of a sound data warehouse as part of your enterprise optimization plan, you must consider IRA Software data warehouse services to have a DWH implemented and all your disparate business data brought into a single file to enhance decision making. Our full suite of data warehousing services includes development, planning, migration, and consultation.

Database Development Services

Database development is a complex process that requires skilled professionals with deep knowledge of the database workflow and relationship between datasets in an architecture. With this knowledge, we develop a database structure that not only accommodate data in an organized way but also enables your business applications to effectively utilize data for decision-making and other business purposes.

Database Management Services

Keeping the database system operational isn't an easy task. Routine maintenance is resource intensive and dependent on hardware as well as the software. This can often impact the performance of small businesses that rely on a database system because routine management functions can eat away the time leaving your internal team occupied with chores rather than specialized functions. This is where we come in. IRA Software' database management services are simply cutting-edge and innovative on all fronts. From simple troubleshooting to tracking database performance we keep your system operational in every possible way when you choose our reliable data management solutions.

Database Administration Services

Engineering reliable data solutions for long-term challenges is what we do best at IRA Softwares. The Database administration services is the next level of your organization's strategic priority. We focus on maintaining a controlled ambit to store, retrieve, and handle a large volume of data. Whether you need a bespoke solution to become future-ready or centralize control we can tech-enable your business so that your internal team can leverage database administration services to unlock the full potential of your database system.

Database Migration Services

Migrating data from one database to another is costly and requires skill as well as experience in database migration. With IRA SoftwaresSolution's strategy in data migration, you can minimize the risk and reduce the downtime in business. This is because working with agility and prudence to move your data between storage points in a secure way is an inimitable capability that only IRA Software possess. We not only move your data but also test its integrity and performance in the real-time conditions at the destination.

MySQL Managed Services

We provide high-quality MySQL managed services that help you maximize the performance of your MySQL databases. With our services, you can harness the full power and features of your MySQL databases and boost productivity. Our MySQL managed services team is comprised of experts that act as extensions of your in-house team and will standardize and optimize your routine database administration tasks, ensuring that you experience significant cost reductions.

Apache Ignite Managed Services

Apache Ignite is a horizontally scalable, distributed in-memory computing platform that helps developers build real-time applications with the power to process terabytes of data with in-memory speed. Our Apache Ignite development team can help you use Ignite as a low-latency, high-performing in-memory cache that supports Key-Value and ANSI SQL. We can help you scale out across RAM, NVRAM, and Flash by using Ignite as an in-memory database with distributed multi-level storage.

MongoDB Managed Services

MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases and is written in the C++ programming language. It is a document-oriented database and stores its data in JSON-like documents that have a dynamic schema. We have significant experience in helping our clients harness the full power of MongoDB to suit their particular requirements. With MongoDB, we allow our clients to store their data without them needing to worry about the data structure related to the number or type of fields.

SQL Server Managed Services

We are a leading provider of SQL Server managed services and have been providing solutions to a global clientele for over a decade. We have experience and expertise in supporting SME's and large, complex enterprises across a variety of industries and markets. When you choose our SQL Server managed services, we will provide continuous database optimization services through industry-leading solutions.

ScyllaDB Managed Services

Scylla Cloud is a fully managed version of ScyllaDB enterprise, which is the super fast, scalable, and affordable NoSQL database being used by leading companies across industries and markets, including finance, entertainment, advertising, social media, and IoT. We can help you fully harness the power of Scylla Cloud, which can handle petabytes of data with ease and perform millions of operations per second.

Cassandra Managed Services

If you want to migrate to a smarter infrastructure where your Cassandra database is well-managed, then outsource Casandra managed services to experience the power of task automation on a web service platform of your choice. It not only speeds up your workflow but also reduces the downtime.

PostgreSQL Managed Services

If you wanted PostgreSQL managed services on your preferred Cloud platform to make your database perform better with speed and reliability, outsource PostgreSQL services. It is part of our database service and designed to help you stay focused on priorities while we handle the rest including the creation of custom PostgreSQL extension, workflow integration, and more.

ArangoDB Managed Services

Our ArangoDB managed services are comprehensive and designed to provide you with just the custom solution you need. We have expertise in using the ArangoDB framework and can also help you move your ArangoDB database to the cloud, where you get access to a scalable, fully managed database, search engine, and document storage in one location. With our ArangoDB managed services using ArangoDB Oasis, you can get running deployments on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure within minutes.

JanusGraph Managed Services

We provide comprehensive JanusGraph managed services and can help you leverage cloud infrastructure to achieve enhanced business efficiency. JanusGraph, the open-source distributed graph database, is a popular database and is supported by IBM, Google, Grakn Labs, and Hortonworks. We can provide services that help you leverage the various storage backends that JanuGraph supports, including Apache Cassandra, Google Cloud Bigtable, Apache HBase, Oracle BerkeleyDB, and Scylla.