Travel-pa is UK based organization and the division of Sunset Travel Ltd and Luxury Holidays Direct. They offer tour and travel services. The Travel-pa team consists of homeworkers who source the customers and assist them in planning Holidays worldwide.

In order to manage all the customers and related operations, a CRM system was introduced. CRM system is one of the major development in the system. CRM system has the ability to manage the entire customer database, their inquiries, and history. The system can be accessed by the Admin and the Homeworkers. The CRM system has the ability to perform the following activities:

i. Manage Clients: CRM has the ability to add new clients with their name, phone number, email, and postal address. The data gets stored with some additional fields like booking reference number, details of associated pax, set tasks, add notes, view history and set automated emails.

ii. Enquiry: Every customer has their own inquiry. The inquiry gets stored in the system with the details like destination, departure date, booking reference, the status of the inquiry, set task, and add notes against each inquiry.

  • Technology: Programming Language: PHP, Database: MYSQL, Architecture: MVC pattern using CodeIgniter.